Human Trafficking/Abduction
Women and Children
for Sexual Exploitation

"Each year, two million women and children worldwide have sex with strangers only because someone kidnaps them and threatens to kill them. You may have passed some of these victims on the street"

Christianity Today, November 2003

"We have a mandate not an option from God to be part of the solution bringing freedom to  those in bondage and justice to the unjust"
                                                 Tony Nassif,

"...The sex slaves are a high-risk group for HIV infection."

The Weekly Standard
Donna M Hughes,2-24-03

"The threat of trafficking does run through Al Qaeda's tapestry of terror. Since the advent of the war in Afghanistan reports have indicated that the Taliban engaged in open abduction of women and girls..."

Initiative Against Sexual Trafficking
Spring 2002

"The C.I.A. believes that 50,000 women and children are being trafficked into the United States annually."

"A Third 'Traffic'
Adds Terrorism and Immigration
by Hugh Hart

"Sex-trafficking victims widely believe that if they talk, they or someone they love will be killed...and their fear is not unfounded."

The Girls Next Door
Peter Landesman
New York Times
January 25, 2004

Click here to read a letter from President Bush.


Child Abduction,
Recruitment and Coercion
for Sexual Exploitation

Every Child is At Risk

"...Revenues from pornographic sites go towards financing extremists and terrorists groups..."

Dimitriy Chepugov,
Head, Moscow's
Interior Ministry Department

" ...1.2 million children are trafficked each year for $10,000,000,000."


"Three of the worst crimes committed against a child are rape, molestation and...inaction."

National Center for Missing
and Exploited Children

"To remain silent/inactive in the face of abuse against women and children makes one compliant with the abuse."

Tony Nassif, Author and
President of the Cedars Cultural
and Educational Foundation

"The majority of child victims are between the ages of 13 and 17, but there are documented cases of babies as young as 6 months old used in pornographic videos..."

Paul and Lisa Program

"A gang in ...California, kidnapped and enslaved girls between the ages of 11 and 14 for purposes of prostitution and trafficked them across state lines..."

Excerpt From The Human Rights
Report on Trafficking of Persons,
Especially Women and Children
The Protection Project, 2002

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