We will identify the problems but focus on the solutions.  Our theme is to

                                        "Educate, Motivate & Activate"

                           "I personally look forward to seeing you at the conference."

                                                                            Tony Nassif, President

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Florida Preventing Abuse Conference

June 13,14, 2014

Tampa Airport Marriott Hotel, Tampa Florida

Early Bird Rate is $89.00 per person

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Date/Time:  June 13, 2014   8:00 A.M  to 4:30 P.M.

Date/Time:  June 14, 2014   8:00 A.M. to 4:30 P.M.

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Conference Registration click the "registration" link

   Invited Speakers Include

*Subject to Confirmation or Change

                             Florida U.S. Senator Marco Rubio*

                      Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi*

Lieutenant Oscar Mejia(Confirmed)Drug Cartel Expert & National Latino Police Officers Association.  He will reveal the workings of the cartels and their use of the occult as well as their vast reach throughout America and what can be done to help stop them before it is too late.  

Dotti Groover-Skipper (Confirmed): ---  Dotti humbly founded a local faith-based ministry, HeartDance Foundation, dedicated to restoration of men, women, and children recovering from addiction and sex trade and leads the ABOLISH Movement of advocacy and training to help eradicate the modern day slavery of human trafficking. Dot ...was recently recognized by Florida Governor Rick Scott and Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi, as the “Human Trafficking Advocate of the Year” for the State of Florida 2013.  Dot serves as Chair for the Community Campaign Against Human Trafficking-Tampa Bay ABOLISH Movement and the Sex Trafficking Collaborative of Tampa,(both advocacy arms of the Tampa Bay/Clearwater Task Force on Human Trafficking), Vice Chair for the Hillsborough County Commission on the Status of Women, serves on the State of Florida Department of Juvenile Justice Strategic and Planning Committees for the State-Wide Human Trafficking Initiative, serves on the Board of the Hillsborough County Anti-Drug Alliance, and assists her son’s high school (Chamberlain) as the Vice Chair of the School Advisory Committee

Connie Valentine (Confirmed)---Expert on Foster Care---trafficking of children. Our primary focus is the pattern of practice by family (divorce) courts which remove children from safe parents and give them to identified molesters and batterers. This practice has been referred to as "judicial trafficking" by sone advocates attempting to protect these children. 

Michele Aikins (Confirmed) ---Michelle Akins is the Quality Assurance Coordinator for the Child Abuse Death Review Committee. She has been employed in this position for eight years. She established 24 local Child Abuse Death Review Committee’s in Florida.  Her responsibilities include being the liaison with all the local child abuse death review committee’s as well as provide training through out the state. She provides technical assistance when needed to the local Committee’s. She is also responsible for supporting the State Child Abuse Death Review Committee for all the reviews meeting the criteria by statute as well as support on the annual report prepared for the Governor.

Michelle Akins has extensive background in child abuse, including working for the Florida Department of Children and Family Services for over 21 years. She was on several task forces appointed by the Governor related to Child deaths that made recommendations that resulted in legislative changes. She graduated from Augsburg College, Minneapolis Minnesota with a B.S in Social Work.

Michelle Akins is very active in the communities and provides trainings in the areas of investigating child deaths, risk assessment, mandatory training on reporting child abuse to various agencies, critical findings from the State Committee on child death investigations. Michelle trains with the Florida Crime Prevention Training Institute and FDLE. She is also  working with the Substance abuse and Mental Health, Public Defenders Office and the St. Lucie County jail on the re entry program to provide training on parenting and keeping your children safe. 

Michele M. Newsome, M.A., RMHC--- Michele M. Newsome serves as the Program Director for the Porch Light t FBCH’s safe home for rescued victims of sex trafficking.  She is responsible for education and awareness as well as oversight of the home, staff, girls and volunteers.

Michele graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminology from Saint Leo University and served in law enforcement as a police officer and detective for twenty-four years.   She worked as a patrol officer, school resource officer and as a detective investigating crimes against children to include emotional, physical and sexual abuse.  Michele retired from law enforcement after her tenure in the Office of Professional Standards Internal Affairs Unit. 

Lisa Newman (Confirmed) founded two non-profits in assisting the needs for children.   Lisa’s passion and purpose to stop the abuse of children is founded through her family’s journey and mother’s perspective as her family was affected by the darkness of sex trafficking 2 ½ years ago.   Lisa is now an authorized facilitator of Darkness2Light’s Stewards of Children Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Training and has launched through The Fear2Freedom LIFE Project a tipping point to train 5% of Florida’s adult population.  Lisa is also partnering with other organizations to prevent, rescue and restore survivors, traffickers, and customers of sexual exploitation and sex trafficking.  Lisa is currently working to develop child safety programs and trainings that focus on the language of a child despite their silence, forms of manipulation, neurobiology of trauma as it relates to disclosure, specific legislative concerns affecting investigations.  
 Noreen Gosch, (Confirmed) mother of kidnap victim Johnny Gosch (Discovered human trafficking of children before it had a name and uncovered massive pedophile ring).  Her story has appeared on America's Most Wanted numerous times and in many documentaries.  Her story will astound you as she faced death threats, assasination attempts and yet was helped by C.I.A. asset, media, and the "family" to search for her son who escaped 15 years after his kidnapping.  She will tell a story that few have heard and that even more don't want to hear.  As they say, the best disinfectent is sunlight and she will bring alot of it to the conference.  

Ric Lumbard, Wind and Fire Ministry-(Confirmed) restoring victims to humanity.  WFM Missions Base – 2014 - Wind and Fire Ministries Inc. is a domestic and international Missions organization. The WFM Missions Base hosts two Missions Base properties, one in the USA and one in Central America with over 200 enlisted staff. These locations serve our three core mandates in 1) expressing a Place of Refuge and Restoration for people in crisis and need, 2) dynamic environments to Equipping People for powerful influence in the earth and 3) through the context of Night and Day Worship and Prayer, develop powerful and authentic lovers of the Lord

          This base serves host to the National Human Trafficking Restoration and Training Facility. The WFM Missions Base services hundreds of clients in various forms of distress per year, with trained staff ready to assist and advocate for those in need. In 2005 these values launched WFM into the Human Trafficking industry, building and deploying reproducible models and programs across the nation to repair the lives of minor and adult victims.  (Confirmed)

Baz, former C.I.A. (Confirmed) (Doing deep cover rescues).  He risks his life to go deep to recover the abducted and missing throughout the world. His stories and presentation is compelling.

Parents Television Council--(Confirmed)The Parents Television Council® is a non-partisan education organization advocating responsible entertainment. It was founded in 1995 to ensure that children are not constantly assaulted by sex, violence and profanity on television and in other media.

This national grassroots organization has more than 1.3 million members and 56 chapters across the
United States, and works with television producers, broadcasters, networks and sponsors in an effort to stem the flow of harmful and negative messages targeted to children.

The PTC™ also works with elected and appointed government officials to enforce broadcast decency standards. Most importantly, the PTC produces critical research and publications documenting the dramatic increase in sex, violence and profanity in entertainment. This information is provided free of charge so parents can make informed viewing choices for their own families.

Dran Reese-  Salt and Light Ministry ---(Confirmed) As President and Founder of The Salt and Light Council (SLC), Dran Reese heads a non-profit, non-partisan ministry that works to activate churches nationwide in the mission field of government. Churches in America have been depicted as “a sleeping giant” that could be the catalyst for great change in America. This describes SLC’s mission and vision.

SLC offers “a turnkey ministry in a box” that trains and activates congregations to preserve our culture through prayer, education and action with no added burden to pastors. Dran Reese and her team provide legally- and scripturally-vetted monthly materials emailed to pastor-approved leaders who engage the congregation in a variety of actions including postcard, petition and voter drives.

Cathy Gibson(Confirmed)--human trafficking legislation liaison

Tomas Lares--(Confirmed)  Florida Abolitionist

Connie Rose -- Victim 2 Survivor Ministry and Selah House. (Confirmed) Connie is the founder of Victims2Survivors and Survivor Advocates Network of Florida. V2S is a platform from which to provide support for victims and survivors of sexual violence, sex trafficking and domestic violence.  It is also a vehicle for public education regarding these growing and horrific epidemics. Survivor Advocates Network of Florida “Voice for a Purpose” will be a Human Trafficking survivor led advocacy group from diverse backgrounds throughout the six regions of Florida.  The network of survivors will be trained in the following areas - press conferences, media releases, community awareness, assist Task Forces, be an advocate voice for survivors and to assist in survivor led mentorship and trainings.

Elizabeth Fisher---Selah Freedom’s (Confirmed)mission is to bring awareness to the issue of sex trafficking and to provide a safe place for survivors to heal. We help sexually exploited individuals find their voice and purpose and to reclaim all that was stolen from them through their victimization. Through our residential program, law enforcement alliances, and community outreach, we are able to successfully confront this issue and bring about real solutions to those most in need.

F.B.I. and law enforcement*

Joy Green, Aglow International (Confirmed)

Dr. Marc Chironna

Shared Hope International,  Eliza Reock (Confirmed) is the Director of Programs at Shared Hope International where she manages the funding and development of restoration programs, monitors and evaluates current restoration partners and works to identify leading field techniques to develop direct service provision systems across the nation. She is a frequent speaker on sex trafficking and has worked to combat child sex slavery through research, advocacy and direct victim service including providing expert testimony for the U.S. Congress. She provides critical policy support to Shared Hope in the areas of establishing protections against Internet facilitation of child sex trafficking and agency response mechanisms. Prior to joining the Shared Hope team she served as the Executive Director of a private foundation where she managed the strategic implementation of funding targeted towards combating sex trafficking. Eliza has served in advisory and committee roles at both the state and national level contributing to the development of a services protocol in Georgia, path-breaking strategies in access to services for child sex trafficking victims and promising practices guidelines for other states.

Deborah Sigmund, Innocence at Risk (Confirmed) Innocents at Risk is dedicated to protecting women and children from being trafficked to the sex trade.  In  2008 we began a Flight Attendant Initiative by  educating flight attendants  and airline personnel how to report red flag situations.  This initiative  is supported by The Department of Homeland Security and the Department  of Transportation.   Since the inception of this successful initiative, we have saved thousands of lives.  We also speak to parents, students and educators in order to keep children safe.

Deborah Hart--(Confirmed) Deborah began her music ministry in Michigan, at the age of ten, where her father served as Executive Director of the Michigan Southern Baptist Convention.  She has performed for churches, conventions and conferences across the United States.  She recorded her first album at the age of 17 after winning the crown as Mid-Missouri’s Junior Miss. She has traveled extensively across the United States and overseas singing in eight foreign countries.  Deborah has performed on radio and television and has three recordings to her credit with her newest release in 2011.  She was the featured soloist for the Kick-off Rally of the Billy Graham Crusade that was held in Syracuse, New York.    She was the soloist for the Presidential Forum in Orlando Florida, and the Freedom Federation meeting held at Liberty University, as well as many other political events.  Deborah is currently the Vice-President of Investor Relations for the Timothy Plan, a Biblically based mutual fund, located in Maitland, Florida. 

Donna Rice Hughes--Internet Saftey Expert--(Confirmed) Donna Rice Hughes, President and CEO of Enough Is Enough is an internationally known Internet safety expert, author, and speaker. Under her leadership EIE created the Internet Safety 101℠ Program with DOJ. She is the Executive Producer, and host of the Internet Safety 101 DVD series which was reformatted into the Internet Safety 101 Television Series for PBS which earned an Emmy Award. Donna also received an Emmy nomination as Host/Moderator of the PBS TV Series.

Donna has been a featured guest on Dateline, The Today Show, The Factor, Oprah and 20/20, having given more than 4,000 media interviews.

 She has testified numerous times before Congress, served on the COPA Commission, the V3irginia AG’s Internet Safety Task Force and the Internet Safety Technical Task Force, formed by the U.S. Attorneys General

Frances Lee (Confirmed)--Since the age of 15 she has served in leadership roles in women's and children's ministries including teaching, speaking, missions, street ministry, intercessor team, prophetic ministry, group leader, event planning and years in the PTA Board. She has also considers herself as a "momypreneur" and as a business owner has learned the art of networking. Her calling is to strategically fight the injustice from the spectrum of the spiritual realm to calling out the demand and to be the voice for the victim against the evil of human trafficking. She is an Independent PR Consultant for anti human trafficking organizations as well as an Authorized Facilitator of Stewards of Children, Clearwater Task Force Awareness Campaign Speaker's Bureau, Human Trafficking Prevention Specialist, Deliverance and Healing Ministry and Mentor to survivors. Frances was born and raised in Puerto Rico. A mom of three and has been married for 20 years to her husband Robert. 

Niki Cross---(Confirmed) Faith-based NGO that rescues and mentors human trafficking victims with a survivor's perspective, working closely with law enforcement and other victim services. Provides assistance retaining legal, medical, dental and therapeutic pro bono services, as well as housing.   She speaks to churches, organizations, schools and facilities about theeffectsof trafficking, how to prevent, detect, get involved or seek help

Terry Kemple--(Confirmed) Founder of Community Issues Council, a Tampa Bay based ministry whose mission is to “Promote Judeo-Christian values by educating and uniting the Church to be able to engage our community in the issues of the day.” 

Pastor Bill Losasso - (Confirmed) Church involvement to combat trafficking.  Pastor Bill Losasso is the founding pastor of Pathways Community Church (which has planted 6 other churches). He has a background of addictions, jail and gambling. He was saved at the age of 35 and attended Dallas Baptist University.

Pathways has over 50 ministries, helping in areas from homelessness to trafficking victims, to addicts, to ordination of pastors and international ministries.

•Lost a girl to human trafficking from their church in Guatemala

•Trained by Law Enforcement Coalition

•International seminar teacher on human trafficking

•Personally heads “large rescue” support for law enforcement

•Training police and government leaders in Guatemala

Lisa Young (Confirmed) ---Lisa is an ordinary girl being used in an EXTRAordinary way. Lisa uses personal testimony in every song, which in turn touches lives with hope. "There are others who have been where you are and made it through and you can too" is the message Lisa brings in her music.

More to be announced


Human Trafficking

Child Abduction

Child Protection and Safety

Internet Safety


Foster Care



Law Enforcement

Victims and Survivors

Drug Cartels (in America)