Advisory Board Members and Supporters

of the
Cedars Cultural and Educational Foundation

Preventing Abuse Conference

Jane and Bert Boeckmann, Galpin Motors, Valley Magazine

Councilman Tony Cardenas, conference speaker

Gary Bauer, former Republican Presidential Candidate

Rabbi Alan Freeling, Executive Director, Los Angeles Human Relations Commission.

Paul Weyrich of the Free Congress Foundation,

Pat Boone, entertainer

Dean Jones, actor and human rights activist,

Lisa Thompson of the IAST Salvation Army,

Patty Lincoln Perrior, fifth cousin to President Abraham Lincoln, sent letter of support

Cheryl Felicia Rhoads---Parents Telvision Council

Donna Rice Hughes, President Enough is Enough, Internet Pornography Expert

Lifetime Television Network, conference speaker

Senator Richard Alarcon, sent representative

Ambassador John Miller,
Senior Advisor to the Secretary of State on Human Trafficking
Featured conference speaker (reference attached note of support)

Susan G. Stafford, Ph.D.

Rev. Irma Diaz, Upon This Rock Ministries

Eddie Farias, Sr Project Coordinator,
City of Los Angeles, Commission for Children, Youth and Their Families,

Pastor Danny Diaz, Victorious Living Christian Center

Julie Heiftez, Los Angeles City, Commission on the Status of Women

Ms. Noreen Gosch, mother of kidnap victim and conference speaker

F.B.I., sent representative

Dr. Mark Chirona, host of Trinity Broadcasting Network

ICE (Homeland Security) speakers at the conference

African Community Center, conference speaker

Los Angeles Police Department, sent representative

World Vision International, sent representative

Zoe Childrens Home, exhibitor

Bilateral Safety Corridor Coalition, attendee

Florida Coalition Against Human Traffick, sent representative

Fred Travalena, entertainer

Los Angeles Sheriffs Department, sent representative

U.S. Department of Labor, sent representative

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, conference speaker

Dr. Laura Lederer, Senior Advisor to the State Department on Global Affair
Featured conference speaker
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